FREE MINT: May 17th 21:00 UTC
Smartcontract with a reduced ethereum gas fees, save up to 80% on gas when buying multiple nfts in one transaction.

Join Our Pig Gang

The Pig Gang is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain and driven its loving community. We wish everyone to have the opportunity to be part of our Gang, so the mint will be free! You will only need to pay a few dollars for gas.
Also, each Pig is a pass to our upcoming events and exclusive content, taking control, merch, collaborations, airdrops and many more.
Be a part of this amazing community and our Pig Gang. Oink.

Who is in the Pig Gang?

Our Gang is diverse. It includes 9 different types of Pigs, each with its own rarity. Each Pig in our Pigverse has 7 categories and 268 different traits to complement them and make them unique. The 10th type is the rarest of the Pig Gang, there will only be 10 of them, but each is exclusive in its own way and does not contain traits from the general pool of all other Pigs.


  • March [Done]

    The Pig Gang settles on the Ethereum blockchain. Gang establishment. Website, twitter, discord, smartcontract creation.

  • April [Done]

    The Pig Gang takes control of the local area. Pre-Sale started, join the Gang.

  • May [Done]

    The Pig Gang takes control of the city. Public Sale started.

  • June

    The Pig Gang takes control of the country. Special Giveaways for Holders.

  • Jule

    The Pig Gang takes control of the world. The merch goes on sale.
    Each Pig gives you access to an exclusive event

  • August

    The Pig Gang takes over the ... The Gang is growing, are you ready for the Pig Gang v2.0? Roadmap v2.0 will be announced. $PIGGANG



The Pig Gang is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain.

FREE MINT will launch on May 17th at 21:00 UTC.

1. Download Metamask extension to your browser from
2. Purchase Ethereum from any Exchanges (Binance, Coinbase and others) or directly in Metamask extension.
3. Transfer Ethereum to your Metamask wallet.
4. When launch day comes, at 21:00 UTC open this website or refresh the page, click "Free Mint", connect your metamask, enter quantity, click buy and confirm the transaction.
5. In a few minutes, when the transaction is complete, your NFT will appear to your wallet, you can see it on OpenSea.


When you join the Pig Gang, you join one of the fastest growing NFT projects. Takedowns, merch, giveways, airdrops, exclusive events for holders and upcoming $PIGGANG token and that's not all, additional events will be announced later on Twitter, follow us. Oink.

Just mint several NFTs in one transaction, gas fees will be calculated smartly and will give you the lowest gas you've ever seen.

Minting an NFT, gives you the full rights to your NFT, as well as a pass to our special events, takedowns, a big discount on exclusive merch and of course you can resell it on Opensea. Other bonuses to be announced later.